About us

  • Clinito is an online B2B marketplace for medical professionals & institutions, incorporated in 2016. It is a brand of Jet Health Val Pvt. Ltd, an upcoming company that will bring in the new age of digital healthcare.

    Clinito, with a vision of being the business leader in online healthcare purchase, is the only online medical marketplace in India. With the creation of your ‘Medical e-Mall’, we aim to be a trustworthy trading partner for our customers by eliminating geographical boundaries and providing ‘Value for Money’. With our rich experience in all facets of healthcare management, consulting & technology we have what it takes to give you the best possible service.

  • Buyer Advantage:

    Clinito takes the responsibility of being a trusted purchasing partner for buyers of medical commodities across the country. We are aware that there can be no compromise when it comes to the quality of the products, since they will be used on real people in need of medical care. Hence, we at Clinito carefully validate all of our suppliers before we choose to host their products. Clinito also provides a comprehensive product portfolio which helps save research time & eases browsing across different products. Our vendors are located across the country, but their products are made available under one roof at the best available pricing. Clinito offers multiple payment options and takes responsibility for providing hassle free delivery of your purchased items right to your doorstep.

  • Seller Advantage:

    Clinito helps sellers create new business opportunities, thus increasing their revenue by selling their products online, across India, without disrupting their current business model. Clinito increases their sellers’ brand visibility through advertising, marketing and online presence. It also helps them reach potential buyers across the country through both online and offline methods.

    We offer more than 15,000 products and are looking forward to cover the entire medical spectrum very shortly. Clinito will commit to providing the best service to both the buyers and sellers who choose work with us. You can trust us with your purchasing.

    Now let’s get trading..